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The Life Co Detox and Wellness center project is located in the Emirates of Ajman in Alzorah Development. The master plan of the Alzorah in cludes hotels and resorts, residences, golf course and golf villas. The site of ‘The Life Co Detox and Wellness Center’ settled in the middle of the golf course that has a beautifull and scape looking to the mangroves. The site area is 9000 sqm and the approach to the site is from the northern side. The project in cludes the following programs; Reception and Lobby, Wellness and beauty center, Women’s Zone with all facilities in high privacy, Restaurant and juice bar, Accommodation with 62 rooms (14 suit and 48 standard rooms), Sport center with a yoga room, Back of House and Clinical Facilities.
The architectural language consists of white structures in harmony with the lands morphology. Use of white surfaces in harmony with beigest one sandglass surfaces give the main character to the architecture of the wellness center. More over, the use of green terraces both in the main building and in the villas provide vista for golf games and the sea. Architectural concepts follows a minimalist approach to get rid of any useless or decorative elements from architecture and to reach its most basic form. White clean surfaces made by GRC and stucco, aluminium glazing and stone like porcelain ceramic sare the only elements that is used at the facade. The inspiration from the sandy desert hills and the mangroves are the environmental inspirations that is followed. Especially the benefits of the view of the mangroves is the main concept behind the architectural approach. The triangular form of the site is another criteria as the main block is settled at the top part of the site touse the terrain effectively. In order to increase the number of the rooms that is benefitting from the vista, the building was designed in a curvilinear form.

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Ajman Emırates, UAE

Design Team:

Emre Arslan, Özen Aksu Akın, Hakika Sezgin, Büşra Calip


Hotel interior design


Under Construction


8500 sqm

Project Year: